For medical practitioners seeking accreditation:

The training involves completing The Core (Stream 1) module and at least one elective (Stream 1) module. Modules in Stream 1 are for medical practitioners who have not previously completed modules.

Note: Medical practitioners that are new to the course and seek accreditation for the first time must sit the Core (Stream 1) module before they sit the Specialty (Stream 1) module

For more information about the Core (Stream 1) and specialty (Stream 1) modules click here.

Each training module includes the following:

  • Pre-reading to be completed prior to face-to-face / webinar session (Strongly advised)
  • Face to face/webinar training session (Compulsory)
  • Completion of module assessment (Compulsory)

Pre-Training material

After booking a module you will be re-directed to our online Learning Management system where you will be able to access the pre-training material which we advise you to read carefully. Pre-training material includes the relevant chapter of the AMA4 Guides along with ad-hoc documents developed for each module. For more information on how to navigate our Learning Management System click here.

Note: A hard copy of the AMA4 Guides will be provided to all medical professionals that are new to the course at the Core (Stream 1) module.

Face-to-face/webinar training session

Each module includes a compulsory face-to-face/webinar training session facilitated by experienced Impairment Assessors. The aim of the face-to-face session is to discuss Impairment Assessment techniques, review case studies and answer your questions. This is also a good time to engage with the WorkSafe and TAC representatives attending the session.

Completion of Assessment

You will be required to complete and upload a competency based assessment to show us you have mastered the relevant knowledge relating to Impairment Assessment.

The assessment documents will be made available to you on our Learning Management System the day after the face to face/webinar session.

Note: Completion of the assessment is a mandatory requirement. The module will not be considered completed until the assessment is returned and marked satisfactory by the facilitator.

After the assessment is scored satisfactory, you follow the steps to download your certificate of completion for the relevant module.

For more information about the assessment process visit out Policy page. Other useful information can be located in the FAQ page.

Online Modules

We currently offer 4 modules in an Online format:

  • Endocrine System
  • Infectious Occupational Diseases
  • Hematopoietic System
  • Digestive System

The Online training mode consists of access to interactive content and the assessment task, as well as the facilitator can be contacted through the Learning Management System in regards content of the module. The assessment task must be completed within four (4) weeks of the enrolment day,  and submitted for marking through the Learning Management System.

For medical practitioners already accredited:

The process is similar to the one described above but returning the assessment is not a compulsory requirement.

As Stream 2 modules do not link to accreditation, you will receive a certificate of participation.

Note: Attendance at the face to face/webinar training session remains mandatory.