Visual System Update (Stream 2)

Accreditation Information

This is a Stream 2 module and is designed for doctors that have already successfully completed the Stream 1 module and hold that accreditation.

Successful completion of the Stream 2 module will lead to awarding of one update to accreditation:

  1. Visual System Update

If you have not already successfully completed the Stream 1 module and you want to gain that accreditation, please go back to the homepage and enrol in Visual System (Stream 1).

Module Information

This module covers the use of Chapter 8 of the Guides to evaluate permanent impairment of the visual system, including the eyes, ocular adnexa and visual pathways.

The module includes:

  • The types of impairments that are evaluated for the purpose of assessment of the visual system using the Guides.
  • The two distinct approaches that will be required to assess an overall impairment score of the visual system, and which depends on the types of visual testing performed in a particular case.
  • The distinction between visual impairment, visual system impairment and impairment of the whole person.
  • The types of test apparatus required to perform an assessment in accordance with the Guides.
  • The approach to be taken to apportion an impairment score to account for pre-existing visual impairment.

  • Facilitator: Dr Robert Nave
  • Facilitator: Prof Justin O’Day
  • Date: 31/07/2018
  • Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Fee: $419
  • AMA Vic Fee: $398
  • Address:
    293 Royal Parade, Parkville VIC 3052
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