Spine (Stream 1) & Spinal Impairment Guides Modification Document (Stream 1) – Webinar

Accreditation Information

This is a Stream 1 module and is designed for doctors that have never successfully completed the module and do not hold the relevant accreditations.

You MUST also have successfully completed Core (Stream 1) to become an assessor in this module.

Successful completion of the module will lead to awarding of two accreditations:

  1. Spine
  2. Spinal Impairment Guides Modification Document

If you have already successfully completed this module and you want to undertake continuing education, please go back to the homepage and enrol in Spine Update (Stream 2).

Please Note: At this time there is no specific Stream 2 update training on the Spinal Impairment Guides Modification Document as it was only introduced in 2017. Please contact the training provider if you would like to express interest in Stream 2 training when it becomes available.

Module Information

This module covers criteria for assessing the spine using both the methodology from Chapter 3 of the Guides, and also some modification to those criteria, which applies in some cases, and is contained in an additional prescribed methodology called the Spinal Impairment Guides Modification Document.

The module covers:

  • The key concepts that apply to assessment of Spinal Impairment.
  • The way in which some terms are given specific meaning within the Guides is different to that from clinical practice.
  • A logical path for consideration of Spinal Impairment, whether using the Guides, or with use of the Spinal Impairment Guides Modification Document.
  • Apportionment of Impairment: The approach required to disentangle what impairment may or may not be related to a compensable event.

  • Facilitator: Dr Gary Speck & Dr Myron Rogers
  • Date: 20/06/2020
  • Time: 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Fee: $858
  • AMA Vic Fee: $815
  • Address:
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