Lower Extremity Stream 1

Accreditation Information

This is a Stream 1 module and is designed for doctors that have never successfully completed the Stream 1 module and do not hold that accreditation.

You MUST also have successfully completed Core (Stream 1) to become an assessor in this module. Click here to book the Core Stream 1 module.

Successful completion of the module will lead to awarding of one accreditation:

  1. Lower Extremity

If you have already successfully completed this module and you want to undertake continuing education, please go back to the homepage and enrol in Lower Extremity Update (Stream 2)

Module Information

The module covers the criteria from Chapter 3 of the Guides to evaluation permanent impairment of the lower extremity.

The module includes:

  • The various anatomic, diagnostic and functions methods which are used to evaluate impairment of the part of the lower extremity.
  • The logical path of consideration of what method is appropriate to evaluate any specific impairment of the lower extremity.
  • The logical path of consideration to derive an overall score for impairment of a lower extremity when there is more than one impairment.
  • The approach to disentangling potential overlaps of ratings with other chapters of the Guides.
  • Apportionment of Impairment: The approach required to disentangle what impairment may or may not be related to a compensable event.

Course Material:

You will need to review the course material before you attend the module session.  The course material must be downloaded from the learning management system. To access the soft copy of course material please log on https://iatvic.learnupon.com/users/sign_in/ Please remember to have a copy of the AMA4 Guides with you.

If you need support in navigating through our Learning Management system, please contact  03 9940 4893 for assistance.  Alternatively you can refer to the Learner Guide How to use the IAT Vic Portal portal here

  • Facilitator: Dr Andrew Hardidge
  • Facilitator: Dr Stephen Doig
  • Date: 10 May 22
  • Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Fee: $ 874.50
  • AMA Vic Fee: $ 830.78
  • Address:
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