Endocrine System (Stream 1 & 2)

Accreditation Information

This is both a Stream 1 and Stream 2 module. It is designed for doctors that have never successfully completed the Stream 1 module and do not hold this accreditation.

If you are accredited as Stream 1 and are due for revision, book as a Stream 2 which does not have any assessment requirements.

You MUST also have successfully completed Core (Stream 1) to become an assessor in this module.

Successful completion of the module will actually lead to awarding of one accreditation:

  1. Endocrine System

If you have already successfully completed this module and you want to undertake continuing education, please go back to the homepage and enrol in Endocrine System Update (Stream 2).

Module Information

The module covers the criteria from Chapter 12 of the Guides to evaluated permanent impairment of the endocrine system.

The module includes consideration of impairment of the hypothalamic-pituitary complex, thyroid, parathyroids, adrenals, islet tissues of the pancreas and gonads.

The Online training mode consists of:

Access to interactive content: It provides information of the role of the permanent impairment assessor, methods of assessment & definitions. A number of case studies will be provided for the participant self-study.

Supported learning: Facilitators can be contacted through the Learning Management System in regards content of the module, the role of the permanent impairment assessor, methods of assessment & definitions. If you have queries in regards marking, assessment task due date and general information, please use the contact us section of this website to address your enquiry.

Assessment Task: The competency-based assessment is to be completed in the attendee’s own time after enrolment into the training module. The assessment task is available in the Learning Management System. The participant will receive instructions about how to access the platform after booking into the module. The assessment task must be completed by the due date established,  and submitted for marking through the Learning Management System. Assessments will be marked within 2 weeks of the Assessment due date. The assessment must be completed and deemed satisfactory in order to complete the module.

Registrations will be open on: 15th September 2021

Assessment due date: 15th October 2021


  • Facilitator: A/ Prof Shane Hamblin
  • Date: 15/09/2021
  • Time: -
  • Fee: $ 539
  • AMA Vic Fee: $ 512
  • Address:
    Online Module - Open registrations on Wednesday 15th September
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