Digestive System (Stream 1 & 2)

Accreditation Information

This is both a Stream 1 and Stream 2 module. It is designed for doctors that have never successfully completed the Stream 1 module and do not hold this accreditation.

If you are accredited as Stream 1 and are due for revision, book as a Stream 2 which does not have any assessment requirements.

You MUST also have successfully completed Core (Stream 1) to become an assessor in this module. Click here to book the Core Stream 1 module

Successful completion of the module will actually lead to awarding of one accreditation:

  1. Digestive System

Please note: This module does not cover evaluation of the spleen or splenectomy. If you are interested in evaluation of the spleen and splenectomy you are advised to also enrol in the following module: Haematopoietic System and Haematopoietic System: Infectious Occupational Diseases (Stream 1).

Module Information

This module covers the use of Chapter 10 of the Guides to evaluate permanent impairments of the digestive system. Such impairments may result from direct damage to the digestive system from trauma or may result from other indirect mechanisms such as symptoms or signs arising from the need by person to take certain medications which may affect the digestive system.

The module covers:

  • The concept of desirable weight for the purposes of impairment assessment.
  • The methodology used to evaluate all parts of the digestives system.
  • The methodology used to evaluate hernias of the abdominal wall.
  • Apportionment of Impairment: The approach required to disentangle what impairment may or may not be related to a compensable event.

Course Material:

You will need to review the course material before you attend the module session.  The course material of the Digestive System Stream 1 & 2 module will be posted to your designated address.  Please remember to have a copy of the AMA4 Guides with you. To access the soft copy of course material please log on https://iatvic.learnupon.com/users/sign_in/

  • Facilitator: Dr John Colman
  • Date: 03/06/2021
  • Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Fee: $539
  • AMA Vic Fee: $ 512
  • Address:
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